The company Jean Claude has perfectly proved itself in the market of food flavors and perfumery-cosmetic fragrances
Our scens and fragrances are in an indispensable quality that are the basis of our outstanding reputation. We coporate exclusively with proven and well-known suppliers of raw materials. In particular, with a French company, which produces fragrances and flavors for more than hundred years.
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The company Jean Claude is a manufacturer of food flavors and fragrance perfume, which has been implementing a qualitive product for many years. You can purchaise wholesale fragrances and flavors, as well as buy them in retail. In the assortment of our company you can obtain thousands of brand names, different flavors and various forms of products.

In order to sustain a successful corporation with our clients, we have developed an effective cooperation program, a flexible pricing system and we individually work with every single customers.

Through a careful examination of the market trends, we aspire not only to offer quality products, but also to take care of other aspects of successful business: we are looking for new opportunities and sales markets, we educate personnel, renew production equipment and follow the novelties in the technology in the world.

Food Flavours

Food flavors are identical to the natural fragrances that can be used to give the food a certain smell. In the absance of them, the food industry could no longer manage, since the natural sense of products during the thermal and any other processing, as well as transportation and storage is lost. The fragrances presented by JeanClaude can also be used for the wape, the self-sampling of liquids made for electronic cigarettes. Here you can find flavors for dairy products, ice cream, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, as well as flavoring of coffee and tea, seasoning, vegetable oils and other nuriture products.


The parfume fragrances precisely duplicate the scents of famous brands. With the help of these fragrances, you can prepare perfume yourself, without inferior to the original one. Of course, the persistence of real spirits will not be achieved, but the flavor will be similar to your favorite perfume or toilet water.

All the products comply with international quality standards and pass appropriate control. At our facility, a checkpoint has been created, it is designed to monitor the quality of manufactured products. Therefore, all our customers can count on the highest quality and complete safety of perfumes and fragrances produced in the company JeanClaude.


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