Fragrance Via Flavours — Application

The scent is completely dry, or only half, a compound that is added to the household, or cosmetic care. And the flavouring is a substance that is used to make the product odor, which is identical to natural.

Fragrances are composed of organic compounds, which are obtained through organic synthesis. They are allowed to use in cosmetics and perfumes.

Fragrances are made only in liquid form. Fragrances are also chemicals, but in their structure correspond to the natural. They are mainly used in the food industry, the conditions of a low concentration component. Otherwise, it can cause catastrophic damage to the health. Unfortunately, many plants simply impossible to obtain natural essential oils, so there are flavors that completely resemble natural components. They fully comply with all quality characteristics of the natural product, and small quantities do not cause any skin problems.

The flavors are designed to stabilize, restore, or enhance the flavor and taste of the food production. Flavors available in liquid or powder.